Summer's over - Album Launch

We've had a great summer which ended for us at Vale Earth fair in Guernsey. It was a fantastic day and we got to play on the Bangorang stage at 21:30 which was awesome.

Our next gig is back at our regular place The Live Lounge where we will be playing with the Gaa Gaas and The Bloody Battle. We'll have some albums to sell too as we never actually had time for a proper album launch gig during the summer.

Hope to see you there,

Brobot 1 x

Bangorang stage Vale Earth Fair


​New Album Out Now

Available as a download or CD album. Also available at Island Music.


"From the icy ocean depths of Europa, to rainbow coloured nebulas and deadly supernovas, Mechatronic will take you on a journey through the solar system and beyond. Featuring remastered songs you may already know and new material.. Our debut album has been long in the making and we hope you'll enjoy the experience. 


Yours Brobotically. 


The Wizard and the Frog, whom our friend the Spacemaster used to be a member of, have released their entire back catalogue for download. Its time to get stupid and silly!

21st September 2012 - Live Lounge with the Gaa Gaas and The Bloody Battle



First Album.

Coming Soon!

We are in the process of putting together our first full length album 'Mechatronic'. Featuring remastered songs you already know and new material. Brobot II has been creating the artwork and so far it looks great! Watch this space for more info...