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Halowe'en Gig!


Back Recording

Stefan is back from his year off doing a PGCSE and we got straight back into recording, which is our plan for the foreseeable future so that we can build up a new repetoire. Last week we finished a new tune calle Memory Panda, it should be to your right->

Green Rooster Christmas Eve

We've had a pretty quiet year, I think we've only played 4 gigs, but we are back at the Green Rooster on Christmas Eve!


Also, look out for the Haxan soundtrack being finished and viewable early next year!


Haxan: London Short Film Festival

We are playing at the London Short Film Festival tomorrow! Hope to see you there, doors open at 7:00 and tickets are £10. We've been rehearsing all week and are really looking forward to playing for the first time to a UK audience!


Green Rooster Christmas Eve &
Haxan: London Short Film Festival

We are very excited to confirm that we are performing our soundtrack to Haxan at the London Short Film Festival on the 10th January at the Hackney Picturehouse Attic! 
We are really looking forward to being able to perform the soundtrack again. Tickets can be booked here:


Also, we havent payed live for a long time but, we are back at the Green Rooster Christmas Eve!! See you there!


Philon's Maid

We are currently woking hard on putting together a playlist of the music used in Haxan. In the meantime here is the final track from the film for you to enjoy - 'Philon's Maid'. You're welcome x

Haxan: A History of Witchcraft

We are performing a live soundtrack for the Branchage Film Festival this week, Friday and Saturday at the Francis Le Sueur Centre in St Ouen. The film is 'Haxan: A History of Witchcraft'. We have been working on this all summer and it is full of new and original music, so please come and see us!

Here is the event page with more details:


We've been in the studio this week finishing off a new song "Giurani". Hear it to your right.
You can hear us play it at the Rooster next Friday 28th!

New PA System!

Hello, it's been a while. Since I last wrote we have bought a new PA that has made the world of difference to our live sound. We can turn this one UP! and still hear what we are playing very clearly. We used it at the Bridge last month and it sounded amazing. We are really looking forward to using it next Friday 28th back at our home venue The Green Rooster! 


Meteors Over Russia

We finally finished a song we started in February! and we feel that we have done a good job mastering it. Very excited to release it and it's gone down very well live! We played an amazing gig last week at our favourite venue the Green Rooster. We are playing next next week at the Foresters whith Stan Smith and Bulletproof, which should be an amazing gig. Hope to see you then. In the mean time please have a listen to our newest release - Meteors Over Russia!! (just to the right>>>)


Sept 21
I Am Pompeii

We've finished our new song - 'I Am Pompeii' check it out to your right!
We've also finished production on another song which we will release next week! 


Sept 13
Time for more songs and an album.

Our summer of gigs is over and we had a great time playing gigs at various festivals and pubs. Now we have some time to concentrate on making some more songs and as requested, by various people at our gigs, we will concentrate on putting our first EP together, although we have enough songs for an album so maybe that's what it'll be! 
Our next gig is on the 27th September at the fantastic Green Rooster, we can't thank our fans enough for the attendance and reception at our last gig there so we are really looking forward to the next one! 
We wrote a new song yesterday in an hour that we think is one of our best yet and can't wait to finish production on it, then we'll let you hear it! We'll have it ready for the 27th. Thanks for the support and see you soon!


June 25
Sinking Sons & Gigs!!

We finished off a new song last week called Sinking Sons, please take some time to have a listen, we're sure you'll like it! We've been busy writing new songs since our first two gigs and now they are ready to play live. So Look out for them at our next gig which is at the Green Rooster on Saturday. Please come and support us so they want us back!

We've also been asked this week to play at Regs Garden for Gig in the Garden in aid of childrens charities on the 18th August and another exciting sounding gig that we'll let you know more about when we know.
See you then x


One's too many, two's not enough

We've been really busy this week making a new song 'One's too many, two's not enough'. Please check it out on the music page, we think its a belter. We also had some great news today, we'll let you know more when it's confirmed!


Post Wok

We got together in the studio yesterday and finished off a few bits to some songs we've been working on and we've posted up a new song for you called 'Post Wok', you may recognise it if you came to see us playing our first gigs.
Enjoy x



We played our first two gigs this weekend, big thanks to everyone who came along! We think they went pretty well for our first gigs and we've learn't a lot about our equipment for future gigs and look forward to organising some more in the future we'll keep you posted.


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