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'Semu Cà' are Stefan Riccio and Dominic Pallot. Both from the island of Jersey they have been stalwarts of the island music scene for a number of years

​Stefan played guitar in 'How to Tell yourself from a Television', a local band who grew and moved off to Brighton​​. When he came back to the island he formed 'Noah forgot the Dinosaurs' and most recently

Having played in a number of local bands on trombone (Soul Doubt, The Elvis J Healey band & the Wizard and the Frog), it wasn't until about 2006 that Dominic started composing his own music, mostly using computers, synthesizers and guitar. He started a band with his brother Luc and they called themselves 'Brobots!' They released their first album in June 2012 and have been played on Radio 6 and on Radio 1 as Hugh Stevens' BBC Introducing pick of the week.

Over the summer of 2012 Dominic played synthesizer and Stefan played Guitar/Bass in their friend Gavin's band 'The Gaa Gaas'.

Dominic and Stefan met up in the winter to have a jam. They both found the had an appreciation for loop based music that facilitates timbre to create soundscapes, as opposed to more traditional rock music with rigid chorus & verse structures.

They devised their own way to both play and build layers using 2 loop stations, bass, guitar, trombone and a modified Casio VL-tone. They also use a variety of other instruments when recording including zither, mandolin, indian drone box and anything else they can get their hands on.

The name 'Semu Cà' comes from the Sicilian dialect, where Stefan spent some years, and means 'We are Here'.


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